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A weekly report of real estate news. People like Chrisfox8 could easily destroy President Obama’s momentum and with it his presidency, the Democratic Social gathering, and any probability of common well being care passing. I just do not perceive these people who don’t have the slightest compunction about spreading what some of them know to be lies. I’m not naive; I do know they exist. But I’ll by no means understand how such folks let themselves act without conscience. They’re on each side (witness the ‘spouse-abuse’ smear on McCain) however the bulk of the ugliness has been directed at Obama.

Chris, personally I assumed the speech was great and I really got the feeling this shall be a playback second in Obama’s put up presidency, whether that’s 4 years or eight years from now. Most individuals agree Obama usually provides an excellent speech. Phrases are vital, however actions are much more vital. His celebrated speech on race, so applauded by most in the media, did nothing to change race relations in this country. Perhaps although Obama will observe through with more speeches about race and particular ideas how one can improve race relations. Or maybe not.

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